's jackets PGWEAR always have something extra for you. Whether it's a sewn-in balaclava or handy pockets to hide your pyro. All in the highest quality imaginable and fully custom-made in Europe. In addition, every jacket in our range is shipped free of charge in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Result 1-12 is shown of the 16 results

Result 1-12 is shown of the 16 results

Hooligan jacket

Are you looking for a hooligan jacket that protects you from the cold and covers your face and head at the same time? Then you've come to the right place! Our collection of balaclava jackets offers exactly what you need. Whether you're going running, skiing, snowboarding or just want to take a winter walk, our jackets will keep you warm and comfortable.

Jacket with balaclava

Our jackets are equipped with a detachable balaclava, so that you can decide for yourself when you want to wear it or not. And best of all, our jackets are not only functional, but also look stylish. Whether you are looking for a tough, sporty look or want a more classic look, you will find it all with us.

PGWEAR is known for its high quality and sleek casual designs. So if you are looking for a jacket with a balaclava and from a top brand, then you have come to the right place.


Are you not looking for a jacket with a bivouac or balaclava, but do you just want to order these separately? That is also possible! With no less than 48 models in our collection, we have something for every supporter of every club!