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The full face hoodies, mask hoodies and sweaters from PGWEAR have no equal in the world. Not only is the quality of our hooligan clothing better than you can ever find with other brands, but we have also been unique in our style for 17 years. You can come to us for sweaters with a football-related print, but also (and especially) for full-face hoodies and hoodies with a built-in mask.

Full face hoodies and sweaters from PGWEAR

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Result 1-12 is shown of the 16 results

Hooligan clothing

At PGWEAR we pride ourselves on our hooligan clothing and hoodies, which offer the best in both fashion and functionality. These high-quality hoodies are carefully crafted using premium materials, making them not only durable and hard-wearing, but also incredibly comfortable to wear.

PGWEAR hoodies

Our PGWEAR hoodies feature a smart, integrated balaclava or a mask that you can easily pull up. In an instant, you'll be ready to brave the elements or maintain your anonymity while maintaining a casual look.

These versatile sweaters and hoodies are suitable for a wide variety of occasions, from a run around town to the best away days that are there. Available in a variety of colors and designs, our Hooligan Hoodies are designed to complement any wardrobe and personal style.