If you are looking for balaclavas and balaclavas then you have come to the right place PGWEAR at the right place. We have dozens of different options for you. Do you want more than 10? Then send us one mail so that we can give you a nice discount.


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Black balaclava

De black balaclava is a true classic in our range. Because the bivouac is made of cotton, it can be worn perfectly in all situations. Our Balaclava Skull is an absolute bestseller that is always available from stock. They are of course useful around football matches, but also just under your motorcycle helmet or when snowboarding. In addition, there is always a lot of interest in our pink balaclava.

Balaclava or balaclava?

In our webshop you will find balaclavas and balaclavas in all colors, made of cotton or polyester. So there is always a hat that matches your helmet or ski outfit. And of course also with the colors of the club that you always stand behind! We are also often asked what the difference is between a bivouac and a balaclava. That's simple: a balaclava has one large opening, so your face remains free. A balaclava also covers your face, and only has openings near the eyes, and sometimes the mouth. They are often also known as full face masks.

Buy balaclava or balaclava from PGWEAR

You can buy balaclavas and balaclavas at the one and only Polish clothing brand for the hard core: PGWEAR. PGWEAR Netherlands is the official dealer of all clothing of the brand. You will find the most extensive collection with us and we deliver all orders from 50 euros to your home for free.

Jacket with bivouac

Is a bivouac (balaclava) alone not enough? Then view our jackets with bivouac once. In each collection we have several options where the bivouac is incorporated in the hood. In most cases, this can also be zipped off, so it is also suitable for weekdays.